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Spectacle Lenses

Along with a wide selection of frames, we offer an extensive range of high-quality lens options for adults and children, as well as specialist sports eyewear.

Spectacle lenses have advanced over the years, becoming lighter and thinner, with lens types and coatings providing a variety of options to suit different prescriptions and lifestyles.

Whether your prescription is from us, or from a different optician, you are welcome to come to us to have your glasses made up. We have a strong collaboration with Zeiss, known for their superior optics and coatings and are delighted to offer their lenses along with other manufacturers’ offerings. There will always be a perfect lens for you!

Single vision lenses

Whether you need glasses for driving, reading, work, or using a computer, our single vision lenses for distance or near vision are high-quality and scratch resistant.

Varifocal lenses

As we age, it becomes harder to focus on nearby objects – a condition which we refer to as presbyopia. Instead of having two separate pairs of glasses for near and distance vision, varifocals can make life easier, combining your prescriptions for near, intermediate and distance vision into one lens. Varifocals look like a standard single vision lens, so are cosmetically appealing as well as being technically advanced and multifunctional.

Bifocal lenses

These are an alternative to varifocal lenses. This type of lens is recognisable by a visible line (either straight or curved) separating the distance and near portions of the lens, usually with a smaller, lower near section. These lenses do not have an intermediate zone and do not have some of the cosmetic advantages of a varifocal but are preferable for many people and have other benefits.

Office / Enhanced Reading Lenses

These are a good option for people who do not need to wear glasses to help with distance vision but who wish to combine a near with an intermediate prescription (i.e., for VDU use which is combined with viewing small near text).

Thinner, lighter lenses

Gone are the days of thick, ‘bottle bottom’ lenses. If you have a high prescription, we can make your lenses lighter and thinner, improving the appearance of your glasses and making them more comfortable to wear.

Anti-reflection coating

Reflections on your glasses lenses can be distracting and can make it hard for people to make eye contact with you. Our anti-reflection coatings help to eliminate glare and reflections, giving you more clarity of vision and allowing people to see your eyes clearly. They also improve your appearance in photographs.


Save the hassle of having to switch between your regular prescription glasses and sunglasses everyday with Transitions or Photofusion photochromic lenses, which react when exposed to UV light. These clever lenses quickly darken when you go outside into the sun and become clear again when you go back inside.


If you spend a lot of time driving or near water, polarised sunglasses cut out glare and reflections from horizontal surfaces, allowing you to see more clearly and enjoy more enhanced vision without eye strain. This is particularly useful if you enjoy fishing.

Sunglass tints are versatile, and we offer different tint colours and levels as well as solid or graduated tints always with UV protection to maintain eye health.

We have a fashionable, yearly updated sunglass range available with many different prescription and non-prescription lens options.

Sports eyewear

We stock prescription football goggles and swimming goggles and can source eyewear to suit any other sport.

Whatever your eyewear needs, we can help. Once we’ve carried out your eye exam and have your updated prescription, we will discuss your preferences and lifestyle and help you to choose the type of lenses and coatings that will work the best for you.

Safety eyewear

We can also supply safety eyewear for industrial or DIY use.